Jerusalem's Urban Animal Life

Jeff Finger

Jerusalem has too many people, too many cars, too many diesel fumes, too much pollution, and way too much noise, but in spite of all that, living among us are all manner of animals and plants that are easily overlooked. I am starting to photograph whatever I can find with my digital camera and telescope, and am slowly learning how to do it.

Here is what I have so far:
Falcons (Eurasian Hobbies) in Talbiye
Palestine Sunbirds in Talbiye
Valley of the Gazelles near Giv'at Mordechai
Wild Rose-ringed Parakeet Flock in the German Colony
Long-eared Owls by the Knesset
Karen Benzian's Owl photos
Palm Dove Eggs and Chicks
Egyptian Fruit Bats
Sara Deutch's Bat photos
Indian Crested Porcupines by the Knesset
Jerusalem Trees New!
And outside of Jerusalem...

There are other obvious animals not yet on these pages, for example, the hedgehogs (קיפודים) that are all over the place, and the Lesser Kestrels (בַּז אָדוֹם) in Musrara, and I look forward to photographing them when I can.