This page is an offshoot of the Finger Family Genealogy, but contains much more detail about Dr. Joseph Rick.

Joseph Rick and His Family

Dr. Joseph Rick, pictured above in December, 1951, was the son of Mollie (Malka) Seifter Rick (below)

Molly Seifter Rick and her husband

a sister of Hannah Seifter Finger.

Joseph Rick was born in Waerwice, (Wadowice) Poland, on January 26, 1911, and trained and practiced as an oral surgeon in Poland before the war. He was in the Polish army, but then became a POW during the war. He went to Rumania as a Military Internee on September 11, 1939 and was there until February 8, 1941, and from February 8, 1941 until April 1, 1945 was a prisoner of war in camps in Germany. He was liberated from camp Oflag V1-B by the U.S. Army. After liberation he moved to Paris, France (39 Bis Av, Gambetta, Paris XI, France).

His first wife Pola died in the holocaust, without having had children, and in Paris Joseph met Erica, whom he married. Erica had false identity papers and "hid out" in Paris during the war working for her father's aunt's pharmacy. Erica and Joseph married in Paris and came to the US in 1949, settling in NYC, where Joseph had a dental practice. Joseph died when their kids, Amy and Steve, were quite young (6 years and 2 weeks, respectively), so Erica has been a widow for some 40 or so years. Joseph's brother, Ignacy, fled to Russia and was there for some 40 years. He and family came to NY about 10 years ago. He has a son Alex, and Alex has 2 kids, Igor and Yanna. Erica will get us in touch with them also.

There is quite a bit of correspondence between Joseph Rick and my great aunt Molly Finger Leopold. The letters are from before, during, and after his incarceration, and after he arrived in America.

Here is a letter from a German P.O.W. camp written in June, 1942:

There is also a digitally retouched version that may be easier to read.

And here is a letter received by Aunt Molly from a G.I. named Louis Miller. I believe that Louis Miller somehow knew Aunt Molly, but I am not sure. V-Mail messages seem to have been microfilmed and photographically developed. This message is about 4 x 5 inches.

V-Mail Telling of Finding Joseph Rick